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Immunology Senior Research Associate/ Research associate and Animal Research Technician

We are looking for a research associate to join the immunology team. The position will involve performing a variety of experiments to support the in vivo immunology team. Tasks will primarily include work with preclinical mouse models, post-necropsy tissue dissection, flow cytometry, and ex vivo culture of primary cells. In addition the SRA/RA will be in charge of maintaining a mouse colony, which will require travel to an off-site facility close by.

This position is an exciting opportunity to work with a small team and interact with many scientists in different fields, including protein engineering, gene editing, DNA repair, immunology, and oncology. The ideal candidate will be able to quickly learn new techniques, effectively communicate results, troubleshoot problems, and work well in a fast-paced team environment. The candidate should have a bachelors or masters degree in biology, immunology, biotechnology, or a related field and at least 1-2 years experience in an academic or industry laboratory setting.


  • Maintain small mouse colony, including:

    • Perform daily health checks

    • Set up breeding pairs and wean mice

    • Keep detailed records of individual mice

  • Perform a variety of procedures on mice, such as tumor injection, tumor measurement, intradermal injection, intravenous injection

  • Perform necropsies on mice to collect various tissues

  • Processing of mouse tissues for downstream analyses (e.g. cryosectioning or flow cytometry)

  • Flow cytometry of cell lines and primary cells

  • Maintain cell lines and primary cells in culture

  • Keep detailed and clear records of all experiments performed and data generated

  • Interact with other scientists to efficiently coordinate experimental workflows

Prior experience:

  • Experience handling mice or other rodents; experience with murine tumor models or injections is a plus

  • Experience in basic tissue culture and lab techniques

  • Basic familiarity with FACS and other immunological assays; hands on experience is strongly preferred

  • Ability to work independently to execute experiments and do initial data analysis

  • Must be able to work well in a team environment and communicate well with coworkers

  • Ability to keep clear records of all work completed


  • B.S. in biological sciences with 1-2 years of relevant industrial or academic experience

  • M.S. in biological sciences with hands on laboratory experience

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